Artist Joan Betts

Joan is a native Californian, born in Hollywood during the hippy era of the 70’s. She was raised in Orange County and befriended David, “the boy next door,” who later became her husband. Currently, Joan and her husband reside in the foothills of Southern California where they raised their three children.

Being exposed to various art books and encouragement from her artistic mother, Joan’s talents were first publically recognized at eight years old while attending elementary school. By twelve years old she was commissioned to draw her first portrait. Studies continued throughout junior high and high school classes, which led to her acceptance in the G.A.T.E. program, various competitions, and recognition in fine art shows. Her educational experience as a young adult was primarily self-taught, supplemented with a handful of college art classes and hundreds of portraiture commissions. It was during these progressive years she found the love and forgiveness of God through Jesus Christ. This had a profound impact on her artistic outlook, leading to an understanding and appreciation of Hokmah in the arts. (Hokmah is an ancient Hebrew word often interpreted as skilled wisdom. It is understood to be present in both creation to every facet and skill of the human experience.)

It is Joan’s objective to reflect the Hokmah of God while touching upon the spectrum of life’s personal experiences.  She is currently painting with Acrylic on canvas and occasionally pencil, pastel, and watercolor. Whichever season of life you are going through, you can often find a personal message of God’s love and encouragement expressed in her artwork: an ocean scene, a swing on a tree, or a sunset.